Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Hotmail Account is not loading on the Browser, but working on the Phone

Hotmail Account Not Working Properly in the Computer Browser?
 But are you able to see the Hotmail Emails on your Phone? If the answer is Yes! Then You have to work a little to Fix Your Computer Browser First after that you will be able to see the Hotmail Emails on the Computer.

Sometimes a small problem with the Computer Browser may create a problem in using the Hotmail Email. So first fix the Browser because it will not let the Hotmail Email to work Properly. Now before you start the troubleshooting for “Hotmail Account is not loading on the Browser, but working on the Phone” Please try to use Hotmail Email or any other services on some other Web Browser, like if you are using Internet Explorer then try to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome or Safari.
After Every step that you perform please keep on check whether the Hotmail Mail Problem is resolved or Not.

Follow these simple steps and fix Your Computer Browser and Enjoy Hotmail Services on your Computer.
1)      Reset Your Browser: Whichever browser you are using go to the setting and reset the password but please read all the instructions carefully so that by mistake you don’t delete the saved FORMS and Passwords on the Browser. (recommended by Hotmail Support)
2)      Check the Browser Extensions: Please check whether an extension or plugins is installed on the browser or not, if any extension or plugin is installed try to disable them. (recommended by Hotmail Help)
3)      Update the Browser : Please check whether you are using the latest version of the browser or not. If not please update the browser as the Hotmail emails and other services work best on the latest updated browsers. (recommended by Hotmail Customer Support)
4)      Java Scripts: Keep a check on the Java scripts whether they are working or not. If they are not working try to reinstall them. It might let you use the Hotmail Emails.(recommended by Hotmail Support Number)
5)      Reinstall The Web Browser: If even after all the above steps you are not able to use Hotmail Mails and other Hotmail services then you Need to Reinstall the web browser, recommended by Hotmail Support
6)      Disable the Security Program: Try to disable the security program and then try to use the Hotmail services on the Computer as sometimes security programs block the browsers.
7)      Restart The Computer: After all the above steps restart your computer after the restart process is complete, Hotmail Services should be working on the computer.

If Still It’s Not working then Click on Contact us and get in touch with a Hotmail Support technician

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