Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Not Able to Send or Receive Emails From Hotmail Account.

If you are not able to SEND or RECEIVE the emails in Hotmail Account, then there could be some reasons because of which you are not able to send or receive Mails.

First lets talk about receiving Hotmail Emails.
Not Able To Receive Hotmail Mails In My Hotmail Mail Account..? You Nedd Hotmail Support or Hotmail Technical Support.
If you are not able to receive the Emails in your Hotmail Mail Account this could be a Hotmail Problem because of Hotmail Mail Settings like filters, Email Forwarding, Blocked Senders, Incorrect Email Address, or it may be in the Junk box.  It may happen because of wrong porting numbers in case of Email Client.
1)      Now if the Email is in the Spam folder, then click on it and mark it as not span so that if next time you receive the email from the same sender you see it in the Inbox of Hotmail Mail instead of Junk.
2)      Check the Safe Senders list also check the blocked senders list. If you see the name of the sender in any of these lists then remove the name and ask the sender to send you the Email again in the Hotmail Mails Account.
3)      Keep A check on the Filters on the Hotmail Mails Account, Sometimes you receive an email with some malicious attachments which creates the Filters in the Hotmail Mail Account, which divert or delete or move the incoming Email in Hotmail Mail Account.
4)      Mail Forwarding : If the mail forwarding option is on and along with that the option to leave a copy on the server is not selected then you might not receive the emails. Either remove the Email Forwarding or Please check the option to leave a copy on the mail server.

If you are not able to receive the Emails in your Hotmail Mail Account this could be because your account is temporarily blocked from sending the Emails. Now this happens when Hotmail Team detect some unusual or suspicious activity on your Hotmail Mail Account.  When you are sending a lot of emails at a time like bulk mails, or your daily Email Sending limit has been exhausted, or you are sending an Email with attachment in it whose Size is more than 25MB.
Now in these case you would not be able to send emails. Before you fix them.

If because of any reason you are not able to Send or Receive Emails from your Hotmail Account then Click on ContactHotmail Support and get in touch with a Hotmail Help technician or Hotmail Support.

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