Monday, 15 January 2018

Not Receiving Emails from Hotmail Account or Outlook Account??

This is a common problem that many users may face not only with the Hotmail rather with any email account like Yahoo, Gmail etc.
Now, these kind of scenarios are very much irritating because someone is sending you an email, you don’t receive it, and the person who is sending that email will not get to know that you have not received the email.
This is one of the worst scenarios as you don’t know that the sender has sent you an email, and the receiver doesn’t know that you have received the email or not. Neither of you (sender and receiver) will realize that there is s problem with the email account.  And it is usually because of SPAM.
To remove this problem you can do these things:
      1) Check Junk Mail
      2)Remove all the filters in the RULES options.
      3)  Add the sender's email to your contact list.
Ask the sender that the mail he or she is sending does not look like a spam message because if it will look like a spam the server will block the Email.

If you are still not able to fix the problem Call our Hotmail Support Number or visit the Hotmail Support website. or for the complete blog visit Hotmail Support Blog 

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