Tuesday, 16 January 2018

HotmailAccount has been Hacked.

How to Secure or Save a Hacked Hotmail Account

Hotmail is one of the best Email Service provider, and just like others Hotmail also take security very seriously, But Still there are people who do face some problem with the Hotmail Account security. As the Hotmail Account gets Hacked. No matter how secure your computer or your Hotmail Account Password is Scammers or Hackers will keep on trying to access of your Hotmail Account. We wish that you never face any security issues in which you feel like someone is using your Hotmail Account, but its not possible to be 100% sure that Hotmail Account can not be hacked. Whatever the scenario is, if any time you feel that someone is using your Hotmail Account without your permission CHANGE YOYR HOTMAIL MAIL ACCOUNT PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY. (Suggested by Hotmail Support)
 If you have noticed some unusual activity on your Hotmail Account  like:
1)      Information on the Account has been changed without your permission or approval.
2)      In the recent login activity if you see some Locations, about which you have no idea then this might be a case of Hacking. (Suggested by Hotmail Support)
3)      If your contact list is receiving spam emails from your Hotmail Account, that you have not sent then it Might be a case of Hacking. (Suggested by Hotmail Customer Support)
4)      If you see the Sent Mail Folder and you see some emails sent from your Hotmail Account that you have not sent, then it might be a case of Hacking. (Suggested by Hotmail Help)
5)      If you are receiving Mailer Daemons or Postmaster Delivery Failure for the Email that you have not sent, then also it might be a case of Hotmail Account Hacking.(Suggested by HotmailSupport Number)

If you have noticed any of the above on your Hotmail Account then take the following steps Immediately to protect your Hotmail Account (Suggested by Hotmail Support).
1)      Change the Password at the very same moment when you see any unusual activity on your Hotmail Account. To change the Hotmail Account Password go to Your Hotmail Account Information Page then click on Hotmail Account Settings or Change Password then enter the new Password and then Confirm the Password. And then click on save Password.  Make sure you create a secure Hotmail Account Password it should contain eight to ten characters alpha numeric and some special characters in it. (Suggested by Hotmail Support)
2)      Check Your Hotmail Account Information : Check the Hotmail account information like name on the account, Date of birth, Address, Contact information, Hotmail Account Recovery Options Etc. if anything is changed the change it back and change the password. (Suggested by Hotmail Support)
3)      Hotmail Email Account Settings : Check all the Mail Settings in the Hotmail Account such as Mail Forwarding, or Blocked senders or Receivers list or Sent Emails or Deleted Emails, Your Hotmail Sending Name Etc. if you see anything like that revert the changes immediately and change the password for you Hotmail Account. (Suggested by Hotmail Support)

If because of any reason you are not able to change the Hotmail Account Information or You are not able to change the Hotmail Account Password then Click on Contact us and get in touch with a Hotmail Support technician or Hotmail Support.

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